Prowl The Experience


The Story

Brooklyn, Drew, Symone, and Leah grew up the best of friends. Their parents co-own and operate Patterson Pharmaceutical Company, a thriving business that has continuously grown over the last ten years. But after the economy took a hard turn, the family business suffered significant losses, leaving the family’s income on pins and needles. To make matters worse, the property the Patterson’s inherited from their late grandparents is up for auction from missed payments the family wasn’t aware they’d missed. With the family’s debt growing and relationships being tested, the four friends decide to take drastic measures to get the funds needed to secure generational survival. Being high-end thieves wasn’t something they agreed on overnight. Taking from the less fortunate they couldn’t stomach. But stealing from those who already had plenty might just save the family from ruin.

The Character’s


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Brilliant in science and mathematics, Brooklyn Patterson doesn’t like the smart crowd nor does she want to be identified as a nerd. So she overcompensates by aligning herself with some of the less desirables to earn street cred as a child. This need to align spills over into her adult life, and she plays down her smarts, much to the chagrin of her parents who are very big on their daughters excelling in all things academic. Brooklyn in her adult life is self-employed as a business consultant, single, 29 years of age, no kids, and not sure she wants them. Brookyln’s been in love before but no one at the present time holds her company or who does anything for her. A few one night stands strictly for the utility of it but nothing real. Brooklyn is severely claustrophobic.


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Drew Patterson, Brooklyn’s younger sister, is not quite as book smart as Brooklyn but she works very hard to make good grades and make her parents proud. Drew excels in creative pursuits which although her parents appreciate, doesn’t compensate for her academic pursuits. Being the younger sister Drew has always felt like she existed in Brooklyn’ bigger than life shadow. Everybody loves Brooklyn. Drew competes with her sister but Brooklyn doesn’t recognize it because that’s her kid sister. Brooklyn can dog out Drew, but nobody else better try it. Drew has an appreciation for the arts and in her adult life is a Museum curator.  Drew is 27, also single but there’s this guy she likes. He comes into the museum regularly, and they have flirted innocently enough. Her previously relationship of 4 years ended when she had a miscarriage. Neither her friends nor her family knows anything about it.


Leah Hunter is a social worker involved in the lives of intercity kids on a daily basis. She’s always had the drive to help the youth do better in life. It was important that young people grew up with love and support. She and her twin sister Nia Hunter had a front row seat when their cousin Symone went through despair and rejection from her father whom she hasn’t seen since she was ten years old. Growing up in the house together made them as thick as thieves, although they had their meltdown moments, nothing could ever come between them. At the tender age of sixteen, Leah’s twin Nia became with child, and the boy or his parents wanted nothing to do with Leah’s nephew, James. But Leah’s family pushed forward and when Nia, Leah, and Symone turned 18 the three of them moved in together. Then one night at the age of 21 Nia left the house and never returned. She was never found, and Leah adopted her nephew knowing all too well what it would be like for kids in the system. To this day, Leah is single, still living with Symone Ellis, and has a fear of drowning.

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Symone Ellis is a childhood model turned black belt. As a young girl, Symone’s parents entered her in various pageants, photo contests, and modeling auditions. She was rarely overlooked as her beauty was undeniably potent. Unfortunately for her parents, Symone didn’t like being shown around, prancing from one event to the next. She was tomboyish by nature.  When Symone was ten, her parents divorced, and that same year her mother Cynthia Ellis passed away. Immediately, Symone enrolled in martial arts where she excelled to a black belt.  Her Aunt Natalie and Uncle Derrick Hunter gained custody of her, and she lived with them and her cousins Leah and Nia Hunter for the remainder of her childhood. Today Symone is a martial arts instructor, and she hates spiders. She’s 28 years of age and single… for now.

Mason Fuller


FBI Agent Mason Fuller is a 34 year old Quantico graduate at the top of his game. 6’4, 275 pounds, menacing or charming depending on which end of his gaze you happen to be on. Mason grew up without his mother since she died from an overdose of heroin in his childhood home. He found her in the bathroom slumped over with a needle in her arm when he was only 13. Mason’s father, a retired police officer, raised him, shaping and molding him into the man he is today. He has the tendency to want to save people from themselves, but deep down he knows it’s because he couldn’t save his mother. He’s been trying to make up for that ever since her death. Mason is single and unable to focus on a relationship while he goes from one person to the next being a hero.

Brittany Stinson

FBI Agent Brittany Stinson has been in love with Mason Fuller for years now. Being in the same division once they graduated from Quantico gave her the closeness she needed to be with him. But every since that one night of passion they’d experienced at Quantico, Mason hadn’t come close to touching her again. Her desire for him wouldn’t let her give up until she understood why or had him once again. Graduating at the top of her class from Shaw University in North Carolina made her parents proud, but she’d always wanted to be an FBI Agent.  Brittany is 32, single, no kids, has a black house trained Doberman and a weakness for Agent Mason Fuller.

The Homestead



Patterson Manor, founded in 1856, The land was originally owned by those who owned the family. However, in 1936, Mr. Albert Patterson liberated the land from the previous owners and it has been handed down the family line ever since.


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